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Zach and Nick sit down over a couple beers to chat about making beer in wine country, brewing with bygone grains, Japanese fireworks, and of course - Lager.

Clint Lohman of Madison, Wisconsin's Working Draft Beer sits down with Zach to discuss French Pilsner, Underrated hops varieties, and the state of brewing in the upper Midwest.

Zach sits down with one of the founding figures of modern American brewing, shares some of Charlie's homebrew, and explores the past, present, & future of beer.

Christian and I enjoy a pint and discuss writing about beer, brewing on the old family farm, and the childhood lawn game from which the brewery name stems.

Hutch joins Zach for a beer and a chat about Italian Pils, recipe evolution, New England IPA's influence on "West Coast" IPA brewing, the homogenization of craft beer, and more.

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